Alec Basanec's City Pack


Alec Basanec's City Pack


City presets that Alec Basanec has created based off his recent trip to New York City. This preset pack contains many different variations of looks giving your photo the feel you want it too. Perfect for applying to daytime, sunset, and night cityscapes! 

*RECOMMENDED for City landscapes

These presets will save you time with your post processing allowing you more time photographing!

Includes: 10 presets including a bonus preset

  • City 1 (Balanced Tones)

  • City 2 (Color Pop)

  • City 3 (Red Shadows)

  • City 4 (Dark Blue)

  • City 5 (Soft)

  • City 6 (Blown Highlights)

  • City 7 (Vibrance)

  • City 8 (Night)

  • City 9 (City Sunset)

  • City 10 (Clean Grain)

  • Vintage (Bonus)

Before and After examples down below!

*These presets have been made for Lightroom

*Shooting in RAW is highly RECOMMENDED for the best results!

*No Refunds

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Examples of each preset: